Bodega Akutain

Bodega Akutain is a small family-owned winery (ca. 40 years of experience) producing classic and exclusive red wines (with D.O.Ca. Rioja.) with high quality and in limited quantities.

Château Style

The entire production comes exclusively from own-property vineyards located around the winery in the municipality of Haro (Rioja Alta area of D. O. Rioja).

Rioja Alta

This is one of the most exclusive areas in the D.O.Ca. Rioja (with a big concentration of vineyards in high altitude areas, reaching up to 650 meters) and Bodega Akutain is one of the pioneers in the display of “Rioja Alta” on its labels for more than 25 years (since then complying with all the requirements for that, coming 100% of its grapes and production from this area).

Jon Peñagarikano Akutain


I have the privilege of being at the forefront of a beautiful family project, developing it so it outlasts in the long term, respecting tradition, seeking the highest quality standards and responding to the new challenges presented by the future.

Firma-Jon Peñagarikano

Our Wines

We classify the different wines produced by Bodega Akutain in two large families, Akutain Classic and Akutain Selection.

Akutain Selection wines are limited editions where every single bottle is numbered.

Akutain Selection

The family of wines Akutain Selection is made up of different very special wines that we like to produce when it is possible and when the characteristics of the grape allow it.

Always respecting the traditional winemaking techniques in Rioja, they are “very exclusive” wines that we spoil. They get an almost obsessive attention, and we market them in very short and numbered production lots of about 1,000 bottles.


News related to Bodega Akutain and to the world of wine in general.


Bodega Akutain-2023 harvest

After one of the hardest season we remember, after the winter where we had the possibility to recover some energies, and after a hectic start of the year (travelling to meet distributors in different key markets and a huge commercial sctivity)…
Freshly harvested grapes from our La Manzanera vineyard
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Bodega Akutain-2022 Harvest

With some delay after a rather busy end of the year, we continue with our habit of sharing on our website the notes that we internally collect about the developement of the year and the harvest. We are pleased to present our feelings corresponding…
Our vineyard of Gembres going to sleep in November after harvest.

Bodega Akutain 2021 Harvest

Continuing with our tradition started a couple of years ago of sharing on our website the notes that we internally collect about the developement of the year and the harvest, we are pleased to present those corresponding to the 2021 campaign…

Visit our Winery

Come and discover personally our vineyards and our facilities, including the barrel area, the rustic cellars / niches / wine racks…

Come to visit us and taste our wines directly in our winery and we will show you how we elaborate them. Discover our vineyards and our facilities personally, with the barrel area, the rustic niches / bottle racks… The small size of the winery and witnessing an almost artisanal winemaking system will help you to properly understand all steps in the production of our wines.