Uva tempranillo – Bodega Akutain

Second day of grape harvesting in our “Garnacha” vineyard next to Bodega Akutain’s winery, a grape that we blend with our main grape variety “Tempranillo” (over 95%) in our barrel aged wines. Delighted to see and touch the fruit of the year’s work. We still have half to harvest.

Selective harvesting in this 2018’s vintage is fundamental, due to the great difference in the ripening level of each vineyard according to its characteristics (altitude, orientation and climatic incidents such as small frosts or hail that have been more or less recovered …). It is also very important to have properly performed the green pruning so that the grape stocks did not have too much load of grapes, in order to avoid the difficulty in acquiring the right sugar concentration needed to reach the desired alcoholic degree. These circumstances are going to bring a big difference in the quality of the grapes harvested…

2018 has been a very complicated year (small frosts, hail, mildew …), but we think we can be happy: although we are going to be a little below in terms of quantity harvested compared to other years, we believe that we are harvesting a grape of very good quality. Taking into account the disaster of the great freeze of 2017, which led to a decline in production of 80% in Bodega Akutain,