Daños de granizo en la vid

We took these photos a couple of days ago in our Gembres vineyard, while checking with the expert of our agricultural insurance the damages caused by the hail storm that hit the Haro – Sajazarra area on May 9, 2020.

Hail storms are a lottery and the damage level can vary greatly in vineyards with little distance between them, with this storm having reached levels of 90% damage for the most unfortunate. In the case of Bodega Akutain it seems that only our Gembres vineyard was affected and that the damage will be around 35% of the grape that this vineyard normally produces. It is early and difficult to assess this, so we will still see how the strains evolve until harvest, if they recover partially or if the damage was more serious than it seemed at first …

Despite being bad news, we wanted to share it to show one more of the different faces that the world of wine offers us. The way is very long until we manage to “lock” the resulting wine in a bottle and during the “journey” all kind of adventures happen, sometimes not so positive. But from all of them we learn and the wine, in the end, is a consequence of all of them …

There is still a long time until harvest, so we will continue to look at the sky and cross our fingers to finally get a good harvest !!!

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